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Setsuko Hara Biography (1920-2015)

Sept. 5, 2015, Kamakura, Japan), won acclaim and adulation for her subtle and moving portrayals of women who bowed to the demands of duty, subsuming their own desires for independence. She was best known for her collaboration with director Yasujiro Ozu, for whom she starred in six movies. Hara made her first film appearance in 1935 and in 1937 had a leading part in the German-Japanese production Atarashiki tsuchi (The New Earth). She acted in many propaganda films during World War II before being cast in Akira Kurosawa’s first postwar film, Waga seishun ni kuinashi (1946; No Regrets for Our Youth), as a college professor’s daughter who becomes attached to an idealistic student opposed to militarism in 1930s Japan. In her first film with Ozu, Banshun (1949; Late Spring), Hara played a woman who chooses to devote herself to the care of her widowed father despite her family’s desire for her to marry. She embodied women in similar dilemmas in such subsequent Ozu vehicles as Bakushu (1951; Early Summer) and Tokyo monogatari (1953; Tokyo Story), regarded by many as among the best of Japanese cinema. Hara’s other movies include four directed by Mikio Naruse: Meshi (1951; Repast), Yama no oto (1954; Sound of the Mountain), Shuu (1956; Sudden Rain), and Musume tsuma haha (1960; Daughters, Wives and a Mother). She again teamed up with Ozu for Akibiyori (1960; Late Autumn) and Kohayagawa-ke no aki (1961; The End of Summer). In 1962 Hara announced her retirement from both performance and public life, even though she still reigned as one of Japan’s top actresses.


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